Jadyn Connell

3rd Grade Teacher

Hello! I am Mrs. Connell and I am so excited and blessed to be teaching 3rd grade here at ACA! This will be my first year as a part of the ACA family and I can not be any more proud!

I grew up in a small town in Arizona where it could get up to 120℉ in the summer and no cooler than 60℉ in the winter. So, when my family and I moved here 8 years ago it was definitely a drastic change! At first, I could not stand the rainy and cold weather but I have come to terms with it as I continue to explore the beautiful greenery everywhere! I love to hike with my husband and kayak with my family and I am constantly learning more about the area and the outdoor activities!.

I had always wanted to be a teacher growing up and now I get to not only teach students about the world they live in but the Creator of it too! What a blessing it is to get to dig into the Word with these students and answer their very deep questions about it. (Or at least try to!) More often than not I feel as though I am actually the one being taught! I love how the Holy Spirit works!